Canned vegetables

December 29, 2005 at 6:48 am (Products)

Last night I bought a new brand of canned mixed southern greens.  I love me some greens and Chow Chow, now!

Usually I am 100% safe on my food, but this time, I slipped and forgot to read the label on the can.  I mean, how often have nuts gotten into my greens?  That’s just bizarre.

I got home last night, opened a can of greens, and while it was heating up, I casually and habitually looked at the label.  Contains: Wheat.  Okay.  May Contain Peanuts.  What the hell?

Who eats peanuts in their greens?  Greens.  As in, green, leafy vegetables.  Bizarre.

Anyway, I’ll be doing an allergy news podcast soon, I promise.  It has been a busy week around here, there was a death in the family, you name it.  Hope your holidays were safe and reaction free!

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  1. rachel said,

    my air call is all about that too!

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