Clubmom article has gone live, and a New Year’s Podcast

December 30, 2005 at 6:40 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Blog & Websites, Products, social issues)

This piece, which I submitted as part of my application, has the headline Aw, Nuts. If you read it on their site, would you give it a rating?

Here is the text:

Before my oldest son was born, I considered myself a very well-read and educated new parent. I took a few classes, read a few books, always listened to our pediatrician, and I wasn’t the slightest bit casual about the safety of our child.

Then, one day, in the midst of my perfectionist gleam of glory, I screwed up. Yes, it was all my fault. I did the deed that would seal my child’s fate for the rest of his life: I fed him peanut butter. At 13 months, my son’s digestive system was not developed well enough to handle peanut butter or other nut products.

He had a reaction to a very, very small amount of peanut butter, breaking out in hives and swelling up all over. We were in our doctor’s office in less than an hour, receiving a prescription for epi-pens and being lectured about peanut allergy and its deadly effects.To say we were “stunned” would be like calling Hurricane Katrina “a bit of rain.”

All my life, as long as I could remember, I had been so good at doing everything right. Reading up, following directions to the letter, planning out every conceivable facet of my life…then once I became responsible for another life, I blew it. We all make mistakes as parents, but most of the time they don’t result in a life-threatening medical condition that will follow our child for the rest of his life.

I felt extremely guilty. I made myself sick with grief and worry. Then, I got motivated and moved forward as a crusader to make the world safer for kids with peanut allergy. My child was made only that much more precious to me, and perhaps equally as important, I learned to forgive myself because of this major debacle.

Instead of kicking myself for not reading every conceivable book in the vast parenting library of today’s published works, I accepted (eventually) that what happened was due to a series of circumstances that was only partially under my control. Accepting that fact opened up an entirely new chapter in my life; the one where I made peace with my mistakes and gave up attempting to be perfect.

There’s still a place for hyper-vigilance in my life, and until my kids are grown that place will be an important one, but there are things more important than “getting it right, all the time.” I don’t know if I could have fully learned that without this event having happened like it did.

Also, I did a Happy New Year Allergy news show this morning!  (I apologize for hitting the mic a couple of times by accident!!!)

Podcast shownotes:

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  1. testrun said,

    Leslea, thanks for playing our music again. We really appreciate and are glad you like our music.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!
    – frictionbailey & pushstart wagon!

  2. Jamie said,

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

  3. Blogs, news and more! said,

    I am just amazed at how well you write! Keep-on going you are just so good… mary

  4. amanda said,

    very nice

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