A request for food allergy stickers

January 14, 2006 at 7:27 am (Products, social issues)

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Well, I got an email request via my allergyware.com shop for food allergy stickers to be worn in a church nursery environment.

Unfortunately, I still do not have a supplier that will print these on demand, even in higher quantities. There is a real need for this, I don’t understand why no one is stepping up to the plate (cafepress!!) Anyway, I tried to help the minister writing to me, and here are some links I came up with, if you are looking for a similar product:

These are okay
These are a little better
These are completely cute

I might be able to do a badge (like a round button that you pin on) with an illustration on it. The badges I have right now aren’t big sellers, so it would depend on whether or not anyone actually requests them.

Anyway, here are my observations on food in the church nursery setting, which I shared with the emailer (as well as those links above):

I very much understand your situation. My husband and I have had a very hard time finding a church community that understands our children’s needs. The best situation we have found, in terms of food allergy management in the nursery/Sunday School setting was handled like this: no food brought into the nursery or classroom unless it was by the teacher. Each week, the teacher checked with us to make sure the snack was safe. We read the ingredients and if it was unsafe, it wasn’t used. The church was fairly large (I think it had about 3000 members), so the classrooms were quite busy, and there were of course several kids with food allergies. The church had gotten to the point where they were well-versed on a couple of brands of crackers that were safe.

Most kids don’t come to church to eat, after all. The snack was used as a way to change gears when the kids got restless and bored–and eating when you’re bored is not really a good habit to enforce, anyway…so they pretty much treated food as unimportant in the nursery. Most of the kids could take it or leave it, and all the parents made sure their children were fed. The nursery also gave out pagers to parents, and if there was a problem during the service, the pager would go off on vibrate–regardless of whether it was a bad tantrum or a boo-boo, or what.

This was the best system we encountered in three years of managing a toddler w/ food allergy. We moved away from that town, sadly, or we would probably still go there. 🙂 We never had a food reaction at that church, and the people there were caring and really wonderful to know.

Anyway, hope that helps. Let me know about the badges, if you are interested. Otherwise, I hope the links help.

Leslea Harmon



  1. Donna Rendell said,

    I would like to introduce you to ‘Star Allergy Alerts’, a fun range of allergy awareness products for children. The range includes badges, t-shirts and stickers with over 20 different allergy messages. They are in modern colours and with cute characters that kids love to wear. Please visit the website at http://www.starallergyalerts.com.au or phone Donna Rendell on 0418 846490. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia and ship globally.

  2. Tired Mom said,

    Recently, I found a great medical / identification product for my child with a food allergy. My daughter’s SAFE KIDS CARD has all her emergency contact and medical details, along with the medi safe alert system. Instantly,a paramedic could tell she has a peanut allergy and deliver emergency treatment.
    I recommend people check out the website http://www.safefamilycards.com.
    or email enquiries@safefamilycard.com.

  3. Sidney Brown said,

    “Food Allergy Buddy” and “The Food Allergy Network”.
    Great resources. Good Luck! Mother of food allergen child:beef,eggs,nuts,tree-nuts,shellfish.

    You can do it!!!

    The best to your family!

  4. Sidney Brown said,

    To you and your family!!! Make sure you put a 504 in place at your childs school to protect the “no child left behind” act, for field trips and other activites, there may be a time that the staff may…not want to deal with the food issues and actually try to exculde the child. (trust me on this one)

    best to all of you!

  5. foodgal1 said,


    I received an adorable “No Peanuts Please” t-shirt from this company as a gift right after my son’s first accidental peanut ingestion. From then on he wore it to the first day of a new class, playgroup, babysitter, etc. I’ve just ordered a bigger size and found that the company makes stickers, patches and t-shirts for several allergies. They sell other cute non-allergy items too.

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