Audio: How to travel with food allergies

January 26, 2006 at 6:35 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!)

If you have young children and are dying for a vacation, this podcast is for you!

I’m happy to say my voice is doing better. Thanks again to Aaron for filling in last week.

This week’s show notes:

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  • Something that I did not mention on the show this week was that I went to CPR and First Aid training provided by the Red Cross. Their official training is that you should basically do nothing for a severe allergic reaction. No Benadryl, no Epi-pen–because they seemingly didn’t know what to do. Certified responders through the Red Cross need to protect themselves from liability. They are trained to only perform the First Aid or CPR that they know how to do, and not act outside of their realm of understanding.
    If you or your child are relying on someone who is Red Cross-certified in first aid to understand what to do with an epi-pen or to understand the seriousness of anaphylaxis, please be informed that the word “anaphylaxis” was not even in their training guide, nor did the instructor of the course (who was wonderful and very competent in her training) know what the word meant. The training videos were additionally free of allergic situations, and although the training went as far as to show us how to use automated electronic defibrulators for a heart attack victim, there was no Epi-pen trainer or anything of that nature involved in the 8 hour session.
    Get training from your doctor, and then train others yourself.



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