Top Ten List–submissions needed

February 11, 2006 at 9:16 am (Blog & Websites, Photos, social issues)

I’d like to put together a Top Ten list about allergies for a podcast called Top of the Pods. If they use the list, it will raise awareness, but it must also be funny.

I’d like for it to be humorous, but not making fun of people with allergies. If it is going to poke fun at anyone, it could poke fun at the ignorance that surrounds people & allergies: for instance, people who say “it doesn’t have any peanuts in it, but does have peanut butter.” Or, “I don’t have any cats in the house, but I used to have seven of them, over a period of a decade.”
Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking Top Ten Mistakes People Make re: Allergies

I could use your input. I’d like to submit this list over the weekend.

Thanks for playing, and keep it fun!

Oh! If you are interested in learning more about food allergies in Japan, Keiko has started an English blog. 🙂

Anyone for a Sushi?

Originally uploaded by master_jeno.

Kaiseki Bento

Originally uploaded by nori_n.


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