Girl Scout Cookies

February 28, 2006 at 9:24 am (Allergy News!, Products)

I’m pleased to announce that this year I was able to order the decadent treat known as Girl Scout Cookies for the first time in years.

Check your local GS Cookie order forms, as these things are produced regionally and plant circumstances may differ, but this year we are having some Samoas, Thin Mints, and All Abouts!

Rock on!!!!!!  Thank you FALCPA and Girl Scouts!!!!!!!

(Goodbye, diet!)areyou.jpg



  1. Cynthia said,

    Do you know of anyone who has had an allergic reaction to Thin Mints? I bought a box this year and ate 2 cookies, and broke out into hives and my throat closed and I itched all over. I thought it might have been something else but a few weeks later the same thing happened…I’m staying away from Thin Mints because my doctor said an allergic reaction like this can turn life threatening!

  2. Cookielady said,

    Read the label carefully. Most GS cookies state that they are made in the same location where they process things such as nuts, whey, wheat and so on. You may not be allergic to something in the Thin Mints (listed on the box), but something they came into contact with at the bakers.

  3. Anna said,

    My daughter who has a severe peanut allergy broke out in hives after eating a thin mint even though they do not have any precautions on the box.

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