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March 7, 2006 at 6:13 am (Allergy News!, Products)

Kiddy Game…

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I really love hearing from you all out there, whether you are allergy parents, or just folks without kids who have allergies, yourself.

Your emails, voice comments, blog comments–hey, even photos and videos are a possibility–really make my day.

This month I think I will offer a prize–a free tee shirt from my store. I’ll do a drawing at the end of the month, and the winner will get a freebie in the mail from me.

There are many ways to enter:

1. Call my toll free #
2. Send an email
3. Send a photo
4. Leave a comment on the blog
5. Send an audio clip via email
6. Pony Express
7. Skywriting
8. Cave drawing

Seriously, though, options 1-5 are preferred.

All the information you need to contact me is on this blog page. If you can’t find the toll-free #, just type “call leslea” in the search box over on the right (scroll down) and that will certainly bring it up.

If you can’t find the email address, type “email” in the search box and it will bring it up.


Recording audio is really easy if you already have a microphone, and that’s my favorite way to receive feedback right now, but I won’t be prejudiced either way.

Just send me a comment about YOU, okay? I want to hear your allergy story: either how it became a part of your life, or how you deal with it, or how you found my site, or a recent event–just fill me in. I’m listening.


Stay safe!



  1. Allergy Alert Stuff » Contest & Interviews & Spokespersonship, oh my! said,

    […] Don’t forget, you can win a free shirt this month from the Allergyware store just for sending in your comments (on the blog, via voicemail, or by email).  Read more about that here.  […]

  2. Jackie Lupe said,

    Hi! I have a 2 yr old grandaughter who has ‘severe’ peanut allergy! Everyday I look up new websites for information!! Anything that will help me prepare for her for school. Last week I asked if anyone in our school district has every had a food allergy? The answer was ‘no’, so I will be looking for some help when “Ally” starts school. I thank you for your assistance.

  3. Linda Munday said,

    My son has a severe peanut allergy. We found out when he was 2 and he’s almost 4 now.
    It’s so hard to get others to understand and my son isn’t old enough to police himself
    yet. I’m always looking for websites with info on the subject and ran across your site.

  4. Bob SanSoucie said,

    We thought we were very good at keeping our son away from nuts and peanuts until we were ready and the first peanut butter sandwich we gave him showed us we were wrong. Within seconds his face swelled up and minutes later his eyes were so swollen he could not see. Lucklily we got to the ER and he got some epi. But later when taking to family they talked about how he had it before at their house and never had a problem… so were we sure it was the peanut… man were we mad. I can not believe after all that that even when we told them not to give it they did anyways. Now I have issues with parents at the park I can not understand why people think it is ok to offer food to other peoples children I had to leave the park because some lady kept trying to give my little boy a munchkin. “its only a munchkin” in a box with a nut flavored donut hole. Well I’m begining my mission to educated as many people as I can on why they should ask the childs parents first.

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