Hospital ignores child’s allergies repeatedly – parents’ vigilance saves him

March 12, 2006 at 11:59 am (Allergy News!, Uncategorized)

Hospital Ignores Child’s Allergies Repeatedly

Parents’ vigilence saves him

By ClubMom Member Chris, Clermont, FL

Story from the Heart

At the age of two, my son came down with a virus. To this day we still don’t know what kind.

The doctors at the hospital did all kinds of tests, and were never able to determine what type of virus my son had. We had taken him to the emergency room, when after only an hour of vomiting, he started vomiting bile (his stomach acids), and was inconsolable. As soon as we got to the ER, the staff told us it was a good thing we came in, as he was very dehydrated. Two people, tried six times to start an IV. It seems our son was so dehydrated that his veins were collapsed.

Even as they rehydrated him, our son couldn’t hold anything down, and was eventually admitted into the hospital. The very next day is when the trouble started. They had brought my son son milk and saltine crackers, to see if he could hold anything down. I had already told everyone we came in contact with that he had multiple food allergies, all of which were written on his chart. I told the nurse again about his food allergies, and she said she would send for the head floor nurse so that I could talk to her.

Later that day, they sent him something else to which he was allergic. Next, I was referred to the head of food services for the hospital. I did not feel very secure when she told me she couldn’t tell me what was in some of the foods. Again, later that day, my son was brought food to which he was allergic.

It got so bad that my husband and I had to take turns staying with him at the hospital for fear that someone would give him food or drink to which he was allergic. A week later, when he was finally able to keep something down without vomiting it back up, we even brought all his food from home for him to eat.

All this time that our son was in the hospital, my husband and I were suffering with the same virus. It’s scary to think that people in the medical profession can be so uninformed about food allergies, and at a hospital no less — the one place you should feel safe.

When it comes to your child, don’t assume anything.

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