Tennessee’s explanation of why death is not a disability

March 12, 2006 at 12:08 pm (Allergy News!, social issues)

Everyone knows the dead kids are always the best kids in class, right?

It’s insulting that the example used is that of a child who broke out into splotches.  That is NOT ANAPHYLAXIS.

Click here to read it for yourself.

The ADA needs reform, obviously.

Death is not an inconvenience.

Death means “baby ain’t comin’ back.”

Death means “not safe.”

Acceptance of a “few” children’s deaths due to exposure to *anything* hazardous in the environment because you saw Annette from the Mousketeers hawking peanut butter on TV and talking about how choosy moms choose JIF, etc. is acceptance of your own child’s death.

Do you want kids going to school with handguns?  Drugs?  Knives? Venomous snakes?  Asbestos?  Cigarette smoke?  No?  Why not?

Get peanut products away from our allergic kids.  IT IS THAT SERIOUS.

“But she could breathe except for the times when she could not” is the most ludicrous and REPREHENSIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE line of reasoning I’ve ever heard in my life!

Reform the ADA, or create a new act, but do it yesterday!



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