Sam’s eyes were like this when he had his reactions to peanuts and to lentils

March 16, 2006 at 1:11 pm (Blog & Websites, Photos)


Swollen eyes ? date

Originally uploaded by bella_pippi.

Poor baby!  I found this precious girl’s photo on flickr.  I think it’s important to share photos like this–this is more than a runny nose, folks.  This is a sign from the body, a cry for help.

Swollen eyes are thankfully one of the minor signs of anaphylaxis setting in.  Get thee to a bottle of Benadryl, fast, if this starts happening to you.  Stand by with your epi-pen.



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  1. kylie said,


    This is my little girl Bella. She is now almost seven and her allergies are well managed, although we still have challenges with people understanding her condition. She carries an Epi-pen Jnr with her and has one with the school nurse. We have some egg free and diary free recipes at our blog

    Great site – keep up the good work!


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