Toddler discriminated against

April 8, 2006 at 5:59 pm (Allergy News!, social issues)

You watch this video and tell me why this child deserves to have his civil rights violated.  This sort of thing makes me boiling mad!!!!!

Let me throw a hypothetical out there.  Let's say that I have a daycare.  Some children there are children of racist parents.  A parent brings a minority child to my daycare.  I refuse to watch the child because the other children might harm the child and I can't guaranty her safety.

Do you support that?

Who would support that?

People think that because their own children have no known allergies (yet), that they are immune to this.  Bull!!!!!  What comes around goes around!  This is the symptom of a bigger problem, and it's called APATHY.

Get out there and raise some hell, people.  This is shameful behavior and these daycare owners should be ASHAMED. 



  1. momma-yaya said,

    Whoa! That video wasn’t at all what I expected! I have to admit that before I watched it I thought to myself “I’d rather have a childcare provider be honest about their ability to keep my child safe than take a chance . . .” but this place supposedly has a peanut-free policy!!! My gosh. It makes me wonder, though, how far the disabilities act can be taken. Since my daughter is allergic to all the major 8, and then some, with past anaphylaxis to wheat and egg and possibly peanut, I’m extremely cautious about putting her in anyone’s care. What would have happened if I hadn’t already been a SAHM when we discovered her allergies?

  2. allergyware said,

    Momma-yaya, I often ask myself the SAME thing. It’s hard.

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