St. Louis Arch

April 14, 2006 at 11:31 am (Uncategorized)

St. Louis Arch

Originally uploaded by J.S. Hollands.

Speedy delivery!

It just so happens I may get the chance to meet my contest winner (Laura) in person while I’m in St. Louis. How cool would that be?

Also, for you podcast listeners, I just wanted to say that this little unintentional hiatus I’ve been on has given me some time to think about the format of the show, as well as the audio quality, etc. I have some decent tools at my disposal, but not as much time as I’d like. Therefore, I am going to begin making my show an every-other-week show. Previously, it’s been a weekly show that has sometimes been an “every ten days” show because of time constraints.

Also, one thing that can make the show better are your comments. Audio comments. Stories, wishes, desires, rants, raves: this is your outlet! Please feel free to use my toll-free #.

Info for calling the show is here.

Have a reaction-free week & a great holiday weekend. 🙂


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