April 28, 2006 at 2:00 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free.)

On this podcast:

  1. Final comments w/ Laura Duke (it's at the very end, hang in there!)
  2. News from FAAN: what is the definition of "anaphylaxis"?
  3. A promo for the Women Grow podcast
  4. Voicemail (?) Maybe, you never know! How to call me toll-free.
  5. And I talk about meeting the contest winner in St. Louis
  6. Podsafe music from these wonderful artists (not in this exact order):
    • The Touch Ups (Bad Reaction) 
    • Johnny Nicholas (House Cleaning Blues) 
    • Kevin Christensen (3 Blue Dogs)
    • Boys Only Club (Playground Love Siloquy No. 2
  7. Seamus' health update: it is not pneumonia again. It is bronchitis, and he's doing better as of 04/28/06, although not entirely back to normal.
  8. My letters to and from the library about their Peanut Month display in the Children's Section.

Thanks for listening!

(Listen through iTunes, Podcast Pickle, Odeo, or any other venue of choice…or download directly here!)


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