Cheer up a little, allergy-heads! Here’s some good news!

May 16, 2006 at 11:20 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Products)

Allergic Reaction

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My last giveaway was so popular, I thought I would have another one.

All you have to do to enter is call my toll-free # (or send me a clip of yourself talking) and suggest an Allergy News story, or comment on a previous story. You'll need to include your contact info, which you can send in an email if you feel shy, or I can edit it out of your voice recording, as well.

How do you call me? EASY!

Dial: 1-888-654-2278 (1-888-65GCAST), and when prompted, enter the phone number 225-553-7532 (CALL-LESLEA). When prompted for a pin, enter 1111. Then leave me a message! It doesn’t matter if you “save it” or “post it,” just record it! I will check the comment line once a week or so and if your comment works as part of the show, you might just hear yourself “on the air.” (Or should that be “on the wires”?)

If you’re calling from outside the US, call +1-305-437-8719, then CALL-LESLEA, then 1111, just like above.

I probably can't hand-deliver the prize this time, so I'll definitely need a way to contact you so that I can ship it.

What will you win? Any tee shirt, any size, any design, from any of my AllergyWare stores, which include themes such as:

Peanut Free Zone
The Terrible Threes! (Wheat, Egg, Milk)
No Child Lost to Food Allergies!
Peanut/Tree Nut Allery Awareness Shirt
Hidden Sources of Peanuts/Tree Nuts
Ho Ho Hold It!
Do Not Feed The Animal (Best-seller!)
I Love My Kid
Contents: One Really Cute Kid
Are You Nuts?
Nut Free Zone (Best Seller!)
I Don't Leave Santa Cookies
I'd Rather Eat One of These…
Back Off, Man!
Warning! This Shirt May Contain..(Best-seller!)
To Know Me is To Love Me…
Do Not Feed This Child (All-time best-seller!)
What Are You Trying to Do? (Asthma)
Do Not Bring Food Into This Home
Got Nut Allergy? Me, Too!
Got Peanut Allergy? Me, Too!
Got Anaphylaxis? Me, Too!
Have Food Allergies? Me, Too!
Got Wheat Allergy?: Me, Too!
Got Shellfish Allergy? Me, Too!
Allergic to Everything? Me, Too!
Got Latex Allergy? Me, Too!
Got Egg Allergy? Me, Too!
Got Dairy Allergy? Me, Too!
Got Beesting Allergy? Me, Too!
Your Smoke + My Asthma = I Can't Breathe!
Have Food Allergies? Version 2 (No Epi-pen)
Have Food Allergies? Version 3
Goober Free Zone (the shirt that started it all)

Check them all out at my site, think of a comment or a story request, then enter the contest. Would you please tell your friends, as well?

Tonight the podcast should go live. I just have a couple of finishing touches to the feed and then I can post it for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for your kinship and affiliation!

Your presence in my life as readers, friends, acquaintances, and just being other voices/faces of allergy maintenance had made my handling of allergies *better,* and for that, I thank you!

PS The deadline for the contest will be June 18th, 2006.



  1. Allergy Alert Stuff » Upcoming podcast news and notes said,

    […] Well, I’ve had one entry in my latest giveaway contest. […]

  2. Gary Page said,


    Stumbled on your post, well what can I say? Nice one.

  3. Andrew Daum said,

    I have had Allergies my entire life. Maybe I should listen to your podcast. While my allergies are bad… it is nothing compared to my wifes asthma… now that is a killer.

    Nice site… I’ll run on over and give you a vote at Podcast Alley.


  4. Since my webhost is evidently struggling… « Allergy Alert Stuff said,

    […] Here’s a post that lists all my cafepress stores, for all your allergy alert gear needs. Hopefully they’re just doing some server maintenance or something…grrr…. […]

  5. Antonio said,

    Very nice site! Good work.

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