Podcast for May 15, 2006

May 17, 2006 at 4:26 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Websites)

 Hope all you allergy families out there had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Show notes for this Episode of All the News That Itches:

  1. Podsafe music info:
  2. My clubmom article on sending kids to summer camp, allergies & all! (please leave it a nice rating if you like it, okay?)
  3. Such a great magazine!
  4. Newsletter we got from our Allergist
  5. Join FAAN
  6. My current best-selling Allergy Alert Gear Product, by a landslide
  7. Contact Laura Duke for more info on the latest with Brentson's Law (I hope other states will follow suit.)
  8. Clothes made from cow's milk???
  9. Food Allergy Awareness Week
  10. Laura from St. Louis recommends Proteque
  11. allergyware.com for all your Allergy Alert Gear needs

That's all I have time for tonight, but feel free to send me your story ideas!

Also, I want the nice folks at No-Nuttin' to know that I seriously would like to order some no-nuttin' granola bars, but I've got to buy that steam cleaner first. *whimper, moan*


Of course, it's best to listen to the show through a subscription (free!) through iTunes (free!) or Podcast Pickle (free!), but if you're just not ready to commit, here's a direct link


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