Back to school podcast

August 2, 2006 at 6:03 pm (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Products, social issues, Websites)

As soon as I finish my website project to start promoting my new products, you will read all about them here!

In the meantime, stock up on back-to-school Allergy Alert Gear here.

PS, Kate, your hat was shipped Monday.  Let me know if you got it!  Thanks for calling in and being one of two contestants in my last giveaway!   My next contest will be even tougher.  I might challenge my listeners/readers to do some oragami!   Seriously, though, the first contest had about ten entries (that was an email/comment entry), the second had two (phoned in entries only), so if you want to win some free stuff, folks…this is the place!  🙂

Have a good week!




1 Comment

  1. Kate said,

    Thanks for the hat Leslea! Olivia, my allergy kid, LOVED it! {{{hugs}}}

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