But do they block airflow?

August 24, 2006 at 1:52 pm (Allergy News!, Products)

Twice recently I’ve found myself engaged in the same conversation with the same co-worker.  He’s developed asthma late in life and has two dogs.  I suggested he try the excellent AllergyZone air filters that my family has recently discovered. 

He’s asked me twice, so I know it’s a big concern for him–do they block the airflow of the central air unit?

The answer is, NO.  One would think that by removing so many particulates from the air, the filter would be immediately blocked.  Now, I’m no scientist, so I can’t explain this without doing a lot of research, but this filter combines an electrostatic surface with some other magic to clean and charge the air, just by fitting into your furnace.  Nothing to plug in, keep clean, etc.  You just change it out every three months like any other furnace filter.

I’ve tried other filters, and this is the first one to remove the little floating particulates from the air.  When a sunbeam comes in, it pours straight in–I’m not breathing all those little flakes of dust anymore.  Neither are my kids!

We’ve had such good luck with airborne allergies and asthma lately that it’s can’t be a coincidence.

Between the AllergyZone filter, which is not blocking airflow, incidentally, and our new Dyson, the house has the best-smelling air in it for years.  I am completely thrilled.

In case you are curious, I am working on putting the Dyson for sale on my website.  I do currently offer the AllergyZone filter, the first new type of product I have offered in four years (all my other stuff is related to food allergies or anaphylaxis).  The Dyson is coming soon…don’t buy one yet, okay?  Or get w/ me if you must buy a Dyson today.

In the meantime, please give the AllergyZone filter a try if you need to clean the air in your house so you and your family can breathe easier.




  1. dave said,

    Im sick of my allergies too. I wish there was something I could do about it that actually worked. Maybe I will see if this AllergyZone could work for me?

  2. concerned mom said,

    Just something to keep in mind that alot of products say they are peanut/nut free but they do contain coconut oil which is of coarse a tree nut. My son gets very sick from these products. I hope this helps people with nut allergies.

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