Peanut allergy notice

August 29, 2006 at 12:01 pm (Allergy News!, recalls)


August 28, 2006

TO:  Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network Members
FROM: The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and Masterfoods USA
RE:  “SNICKERS”® ALMOND Bars contain Peanuts

Masterfoods USA would like to inform you that PEANUTS ARE NOW PART OF THE
RECIPE for “SNICKERS”® ALMOND Bars.  To make this change more obvious for
consumers we have not only bolded all of the allergens (including peanuts)
in the ingredient statement but have also put a statement on the front of
the package ==> “This Product Contains Peanuts”.

For the most accurate information always read the label.   Members with any
additional questions may call Masterfoods USA at (800) 552-2794.

A mailing to FAAN members has been funded by Masterfoods USA to be sure you
are aware of the situation.



  1. Rose said,

    I have been buying the Snickers Almond for my daughter with a peanut allergy. Today I gave her what I thought was a regular Almond snickers. Why would I think to look at the label closely when it is in basically the same color? So my daughter was up vomitting etc. I felt like a lousy mom. Why would the manufactures not make an obvious color change in packaging. Sure they have it on the front of the package but really who reads the packages of products they have been buying. I am so mad at Snickers. I don’t think their idea of making it clear is acceptable.

  2. Thomas said,

    5 year aniversary, almost died because of stupid Almond Snickers. left to buy card to wife, forgot keys, locked out, walked to store, bought card and Almond Snickers, ate a bite and felt itching. WHATTHA, today they have peanuts in Almond Snickers! walked to Taxi station so that in worst case I can take a cab to hospital. Waited 30 min to make sure that the breathing problems doesent reach a worrysome level. Walked home again, wife home, came in. I HATE STUPID SNICKERS, ALMOST KILLING PEOPLE. I wonder how many people dies around the world because retarded Masterfoods did not change color of packet. Imagine the news: 5 year anniversary dude dies from Snickers. Pictures of my crying wife and kids. Great publicity for Snickers!

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