Child’s Play

September 14, 2006 at 7:06 am (Allergy News!, Photos, Products)

Childs Play

Originally uploaded by in2photography.

I just love this photo I found on flickr. It is gorgeous and well-done, and, hey, ain’t that just like allergies to be floating all around our kids’ faces?

Well, I wanted to thank all of you who have ordered AllergyZone filters so far. I am a true believer–they really do help clear the air in our house.

I’d like to offer you a tip: write the date you installed one on the edge of the filter w/ a Sharpie. That way in 3 mo. you’ll be sure that you’re not jumping the gun–or you’ll realize if you’ve let them go too long without changing.

In our house, I know sometimes Steve and I both attempt to do the same task, and might accidentally throw away a brand-new filter if it weren’t marked properly.

Hopefully today I can add some notes about our new Dyson-ing habit. I believe the air filter + the vac are making a huge improvement in our lives.

Have a great day!



1 Comment

  1. Charles said,

    I love your idea to mark the date on the furnace filter (I can never remember when I replaced my filter last).


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