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September 24, 2006 at 9:39 am (Allergy News!, Products, Websites)

Just enter WARE at checkout to receive 5% off of any order at This coupon is good until we fund the cure and knock this thing out!

Tell Robyn that I sent ya!

ALSO–I want to thank all of you for supporting  I have a few new designs in the queue (per your request).  Please continue to let me know how I can serve you–and if what I have doesn’t meet your needs, just ask.  If I can’t make it, I probably know someone who can!  In fact, you can probably click the category “Products” over there on the right-hand side of this blog and find some links to other allergy-alert-gear purveyors.  We’re all in this together, truly!

PS  did you see the new pink and blue offerings?



  1. Linda Trautweiler said,

    Hi, I just found this site. I was intrigued with a letter that was sent encouraging our politicians to back a bill. I’m not sure what the bill pertained to though. Can you send me more information on the bill. I assuming that it pertains to having schools remove any form of peanut products??? Don’t know. Thanks.

  2. Leslea said,

    Linda, I emailed you!

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