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October 18, 2006 at 1:32 pm (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, social issues)

EyePod (Revised)

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I see you guys out there! Allergy News was downloaded over 11,000 times in September. THANK YOU! If you enjoy the show, there are a couple of great ways to support it: 1.) tell your friends, 2.) visit allergyware.com for all your allergy alert gear needs.

As you may already know, I always enjoyed providing a source of allergy alert wear for allergic kids and families to take advantage of, but once I started reading the allergy news on the All the News That Itches podcast, my zeal for protecting the allergic community really blossomed.

I love your feedback, I love the way you contribute to the show through your emails, comments on the blog, and your voicemails. It literally makes my heart sing each time you contact me with ideas, suggestions, and “head’s up!” alerts. The discussion on Mars bars (sans peanuts) has reached 23 comments (gee whiz!), for example.

You all rock my socks off!

I still want to take the show to the AM radio waves, but right now I still have no firm sponsorship. Lots of wiggly offers, but no one has signed & paid. SO…here’s how it is:

Once I get one sponsor, I’m on the air. If I don’t get that one sponsor, then I need to sponsor the show myself, which requires me to double or triple my allergyware.com sales (and at that point, allergyware.com will simply be paying for Allergy News to be on the radio–a “break even” point, if you will–I won’t be making a profit on allergyware.com at all).

I know you all love the show, I know you love the videos, I know you want to see it improve, have professional production, and take to the airwaves AS WELL AS increase the online frequency to once-per-month. I know you don’t mind the commercials, either. You’ve told me straight out: you WANT Allergy News. You support it, listeners, you support the service it provides our community.

My goal is to keep this service going, and, yes, it is my goal to grow it.

So, if you love the show, tell your friends. Put links on your site to the iTunes “subscribe” page. Put links to this blog. Ask people to listen.

Support the shop at allergyware.com.

Talk to your allergist, the CEO of the allergy-related company you know, the ad agency exec who is looking into new media–mention it, would you?  Ads are very affordable, it’s not like it’s the whole unaffected world listening, including people who don’t care about allergies–it’s only the allergy-affected folks listening.  The people ready and willing to spend their income on allergy-related products!

If each of you told only four people about the show over the rest of October, I bet we’d have over 50,000 downloads by the time All Saint’s Day rolls ’round.

And surely, somewhere in that 50,000 is someone willing to commit to sponsoring the show, right?

Well, I hope so, anyway.

If you want to send me the contact info of someone specifically that I should reach re: advertising, please email me at allergyware@gmail.com, and put “potential advertiser” in the subject line, okay?

(Sure you get bonus points in my current giveaway contest for doing this.)

Eye heart ewe all! 😉


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