Are you curious about the cause of food allergies over the past decade?

November 3, 2006 at 6:18 am (Allergy News!, medical, Science, Websites)

So am I. Check out this site. Seriously, give it a read, okay?

An excerpt:

Genetically Engineered Foods: An Experiment on Our Health and the Environment

Genetically engineered ingredients, such as corn and soy, are currently in 60-70% of the food on grocery store shelves, such as cereal, soup, tortilla chips, infant formula and soda. Amazingly, NONE of the genetically engineered foods on the market have been adequately tested for effects on human health or the environment or labeled by the FDA, EPA or USDA. As a result, we have become the subjects of a large-scale experiment on our health and our environment by genetic engineering companies such as Monsanto—the makers of Agent Orange and DDT.

Risks include health and environmental hazards such as new food allergies; decreased antibiotic effectiveness; increased pesticide use; and harm to the monarch butterfly and beneficial insects like ladybugs. Genetically engineered crops also pose risks to our family farms through genetic pollution of organic and conventional farmers’ crops, the creation of “superweeds” from cross-pollination, and virulent new plant viruses.

Every year, more genetically engineered crops are developed and currently more than 100 million acres of genetically engineered crops are being grown around the world. It is time to stop this experiment on our health and the environment!


Kraft Foods is the largest food company in the country, and the second largest in the world. Kraft’s products are found in 99% of U.S. households, and many of them, such as Taco Bell taco shells, Boca Burgers, Lunchables, Post cereals and Stovetop Stuffing have been found to contain untested and unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients that may put our families and environment at risk. Kraft refuses to label these inadequately tested foods, taking away our right to know what we are eating, despite the fact that between 85 and 95% of Americans want labeling.

Kraft is aware of the potential health and environmental risks of genetically engineered foods. After StarLink corn—a variety not approved for human consumption—was discovered in Kraft’s products by GE Food Alert in the fall of 2000, the company recalled millions of boxes of taco shells and, to avoid further contamination, switched to non-engineered white corn in its corn-based taco products. Kraft also called for stricter regulation of engineered crops. Despite their strong statements and moves to avoid GE corn in some products, Kraft continues to use questionable genetically engineered ingredients in many of its other products. Meanwhile, hundreds of Americans have reported allergic reactions to the FDA after eating Kraft and other name brand corn products likely to contain GE corn.

Kraft has also moved to avoid genetically engineered ingredients in European markets because of consumer demand and strict laws there. They should be doing the same around the world.

Kraft must stop using genetically engineered ingredients in all its products and immediately label what’s on the shelf so we can make our own choices about what we’re eating. Kraft has a responsibility to support the health of its customers, as well as their environment and America’s family farms. As the largest food maker in the country, Kraft must make sure its food is safe.

Tell Kraft that you don’t want to be part of the experiment!


We are calling on all food companies, particularly Kraft Foods, to immediately do the following:

  1. Stop using genetically engineered ingredients in all of its products unless adequate testing, labeling, and liability are established;
  2. Start labeling products containing tested genetically engineered ingredients, so consumers can make their own choices; and
  3. Pledge not to use genetically engineered wheat, currently being developed for commercial introduction by the biotechnology industry.

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