Today’s food allergy kids are tomorrow’s criminals?

February 4, 2007 at 8:38 pm (Allergy News!, medical, school, social issues, Websites)

Outrageous, what this newspaper has printed.

It’s bad enough saying that teachers can’t be responsible for the safety of their classrooms.

It’s a civil rights violation to openly say that kids whose safety is taken into consideration are the future addicts and criminals who will be supported by state taxpayers. Absolutely telling about the mentality of the writer. Just…wow.

Thanks, Gina, for the link.

Very, very sad.

My response:

The audacity and absolute remorsefulness of damning kids with food allergies to jail cells and rehab clinics is preposterous.

For that matter, how dare anyone reproduce? what right do children with food allergies have to live?

Do your research into the epidemic of food allergies. You might just learn that since major corporations have decided to mass-produce genetically modified foods as a staple of the American diet (something which is illegal in other countries), we are now facing a generational epidemic of first-generation children whose little bodies are recognizing “common” foods as life-threatening substances.

This has always been, and always will be, about the bottom line. Market the natural foods as the more expensive “organic” and let the individuals whose little bodies reject the “junk” stuff pay the price.

In ten years we’ve gotten to a ratio of 6% of kids pre-K age being deathly allergic. What will it be in another ten? 16%? 26%? How many kids have to face a lifetime of fighting for their lives in kitchens across America before we stop villianizing innocent children and their well-meaning unsuspecting families (the majority of whom have no history of food allergies whatsoever), and demand a response that ends this epidemic?

This article is reprehensible.

You want to know who should be in the jail cells? The people who did this to our kids. This is not genetic evolution. This is an appalling negligence of responsibility on the part of the food producers and the FDA.



  1. Gina said,

    I couldnt agree more. I did reply yesterday but havent seen my response posted.

    This is really someone who doesnt get it.

    I asked him to listen to “A Nutty Tale” and told him how Sabrina’s death affected so many and still does.

    Take care,

  2. NoPeanuts said,

    I too was appalled and hit the site with a comment.

    I also blogged about this on my site and had some interesting discussion (look for Desert Peanut ‘War’). The title for my two posts on the subject was due to the fact that the original Tribune article referred to parents pushing for new legislation and preparing to ‘wage war’ to make that happen.

    Sensationalizing the parents’ position was bad enough, but then for the Tribune to follow up with an editorial which posited that legislation for allergic kids would increase the prison population is completely irresponsible. Makes you wonder who is at the wheel for some of these papers.

    If anything, allergic children probably enjoy greater parental focus and attention as opposed to less.

    Asking teachers to be prepared is reasonable as long as they have training and the necessary supports.

    Onward and upward.

    It Takes A Village To Avoid A Peanut!

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