Someone fed my kid a peanut at school

March 30, 2007 at 3:48 pm (education, food, kids, school, social issues)

Well, last week we had our first problem at my son’s school. A child mother brought in brownies for a birthday celebration, and even though my son had his own safe cookies to enjoy, another child told him her brownie was safe, and she shared it with him. It did contain peanuts.

The good news was that he did not have an anaphylactic reaction. He got two bumps on his arm. However, I wouldn’t have known about the incident at all if my son hadn’t told me.

What could have happened?

His teacher expressed concern, but the whole thing makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing sending our child to a public school. I don’t think you could ask for a better school than this. It is wonderful.

BUT, they compromised Sam’s safety.

Would it be conscionable to compromise any child’s life? Would it be okay to bring in a poisonous snake if only one child in class could possibly be poisoned by it?

I have been criticized for drawing these parallels, but I challenge you to draw a better one.

My kid was okay this time. But what if there is an increased frequency of incidents in the future, because they know this peanut didn’t kill him? What if he starts getting repetitively accidentally exposed, because no one else in the classroom has to be supervised in this way?

Flat-out, letting an allergic child eat a dangerous food is an act of disregard for that child’s safety.

We have had problems with there being lentils in the room, as well. I just don’t get that they are very concerned about the reality of this stuff being unpredictable and dangerous for Sam.

I’m not an alarmist. I’m a mother striving for a safe learning environment for her child.

I wouldn’t take your child out to sit on the highway for story hour, so PLEASE do not feed my child peanuts. It is the same thing. It is life-threatening, inconsiderate, and unwise.


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  1. Laura F. said,

    Whoa, Leslea, I’m so sorry to hear this happened. We had not good experiences at our “dream school” very early in the school year and so we are homeschooling now. I’m really feeling for you and hope you get the situation worked out.

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