“Care” provider

April 25, 2007 at 7:03 am (kids, shots, social issues)

I am my child’s advocate. Responsible for teaching them, guiding them, loving them, nurturing them, disciplining them, and, yes, protecting them, I believe I have reasonable expectations from my children’s physician. I expect a physician and his staff to be kind, caring, patient, and helpful. That’s about all I expect.

Suffice it to say, we are in a situation where that trust has been violated. Not by a direct act of the Dr., but by the direct acts of one particular staff member. This staff member is so troubled, that since I alerted management about the situation, she has become even worse.

Their response to us was basically “so what?”

That’s…bad business, at best, bad medicine, definitely. But this woman’s response…? Pick up any psychology text book, turn to “sociopath,” and there you’ll have it.

I feel sorry for her, for the whole organization, which proudly posts a sort of Code of Ethics that they obviously don’t adhere to.

In that vein, the one time I have seen “my” allergist, he referred to me as What’s Her Face in conversation with a staff member in the hallway. I should have known then that patients aren’t people and don’t deserve respect, in this practice. But I forgave it. I actually didn’t realize he was talking about me.

I suppose the thing that really screams RED FLAG is that we expected to be treated with civility and respect by everyone in that office. We did not expect to be run down, either behind our backs or in front of our faces. The woman mentioned previously mistreated my son, lied to me, and now is absolutely scary to be around. Well, she was always scary but now she is really Scary Mary, if you know what I mean. The corporate culture in that place is sick.

And I don’t go to someone who is sick to help me get well, you know?

I want to stop going there immediately, but we are waiting for insurance options to open up. Sad, isn’t it? And believe me, they understand that they’re the only allergist in town. It completely affects their “care.”

I’ve never been treated this way in my life. I have to pray before every visit into their offices. The kids have to pray. We have to pray for strength to make it through.

I just don’t think it has to be like that.

Additionally, I was disturbed that this situation was treated so dismissively by the same of group of doctors that manufacture and sell the air filters I promoted and had begun to sell from my website. I was so impressed with these air filters that I was willing to get into the business of selling them.

Now that the intregrity of their medical practice has proven to be what it is, I certainly can’t stand behind their consumer products. The whole idea just makes me sick.

I realize that medicine is a business, just like anything else. However, if the lady at the counter at McDonald’s is hateful, the manager will do something about it. Not for “revenge,” (which is the word their manager used to describe our concern – how caveman is that?), but for common decency, common sense, and for the betterment of the out-of-line employee as well as the health of the business. That’s the selfish side of customer service – I will take care of the business for the business’ sake, and by doing so, I must take care of the customer.

In a more sophisticated market, such as real estate, law, accounting, and, yes, medicine, a higher level of professionalism than what one finds at McDonald’s is expected.

Sadly, I’ve had better customer service there – and I rarely even go there – than I got from our allergist and his team. We went out of our way to make sure they understood our hearts. We were called liars, and they currently “work around” the problem. The work-around isn’t working, though. You can’t work-around the culture they’ve empowered and encouraged by condoning such abuse. Period.


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