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May 3, 2007 at 12:43 am (Allergy News!, legal, legislation, safety, USA, Websites)

Dear allergy parents and friends,

Please take moment to look at the attached zipcode list. If you live within one of these zipcodes, please read on. If you know someone who does, please take a moment to FORWARD this. It’s really important for our children.
Eleven million American families like yours are impacted by food allergies.  Emergency room visits are increasing, and the number of children with peanut allergies doubled in just five years!


Contact Rep. John Murtha — and ask him to increase federal funding for food allergy research, so we can save children’s lives.   Let him know:

Food Allergies afflict millions of American families, and the problem is growing.

There are no medications to cure or control food allergies — but scientists believe we can find a cure in less than 10 years with proper funding.

Congress must increase federal funding for food allergy research and help save children’s lives.

E-Mail Congressman Murtha at … or at:

647 Main St, Suite 401
Johnstown, PA 15901
(814) 535-2642 — Phone
(814) 539-6229 — Fax

Use the attached letter, include your own experiences, or write your own letter or email.  Your voice WILL make a difference. If you won’t do it for your own child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, who will?

Please take the time to do it now!


Gina Clowes

PS Remember to forward this email!   Every letter counts.

Next AllergyMoms meeting is June 8th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Panera in Cranberry Twp. Please come and share with us that you’ve done your part! :o)

(Email me if you’d like the list of zip codes and form letters sent to you.)

Gina also blogged about this issue here. 


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  1. Ria Sharon said,

    Hi, Leslie! I hope you are well.

    I’m inviting all my food allergy bloggers and friends to contribute your own personal stories on dealing with food allergies… how you found out that you and/or your child has a food allergy, how you manage your food allergy, some of the things you are doing for Food Allergy Week, and what you want people to know about food allergies. We will post a collection of links to your posts throughout the week. Game?

    Alright, so here’s what to do:
    1) Visit
    2) Let me know you want to join by leaving a comment on today’s post (so I can post a link to you!)
    3) Spread the word: link to the CMT Community page and/or display our Food Allergy Week banner and/or tell all your pals!
    4) Add a post on your blog for Food Allergy Week
    5) Stop by our Community page during the week to see your post and read other people’s stories.

    Hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about food allergies…


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