About Allergy News – All the News That Itches

My name is Leslea Harmon, and I created allergyware.com as a project in 2002. To the best of my knowledge, mine is the oldest and most expansive selection of allergy alert gear and wear on the net, with over 400 individual products at price points ranging from a couple dollars to around $40 as the most expensive.

Allergyware.com started as a result of my oldest son’s anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter. He was too young for a medic-alert bracelet and I was fearful for his safety. At the time, there were no products available on the net that would signal in plain language that my child had a special need.

A couple of years ago I began blogging on my own personal blog. I recently began podcasting, and I then moved that blog to my own server. At that time, I realized a separate blog for allergy issues might be a good thing, so here you are! I also do a podcast on Allergy News, so give it a listen sometime.

Recently I was hired as the Allergy Go-To Mom for clubmom.com, my first regularly occuring writing project. Look for me there under the Health Section, where you can rate my articles.

You can email me at allergyware@gmail.com, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

P.S. I’ve now got an EASY way for you to leave me a voicemail. If you’ve got a microphone set-up, then I welcome your audio for the show–if not, you can call me on any phone!

Dial: 1-888-654-2278 (1-888-65GCAST), and when prompted, enter the phone number 225-553-7532 (CALL-LESLEA). When prompted for a pin, enter 1111 #. Then leave me a message! It doesn’t matter if you “save it” or “post it,” just record it! ) I will check the comment line once a week or so and if your comment works as part of the show, you might just hear yourself “on the air.” (Or should that be “on the wires”?)

If you’re calling from outside the US, call +1-305-437-8719, then CALL-LESLEA, then 1111 #, just like above.

This podcast has been downloaded thousands of times. I hope to hear from you soon! If you do leave a message or comment, make sure and leave your name and where you are from. Thanks!

Update 9/16/06: Due to the popularity of Allergy News (I see your downloads!), I am moving toward taking Allergy News – All the News That Itches to the radio, where it will become a weekly show and exist both on radio as well as the internet. I need sponsorship to do this. Sponsorship is very affordable, and the results are documented. Please get in touch if you are interested, or send me the info of someone you know who might be. I really believe we will raise awareness and change the world for our kids and ourselves through the spread of awareness.



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