Higher-res Epi-pen how-to trainer video

May 14, 2007 at 12:06 pm (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, education, medical, Science, video)



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How to use an epi-pen

May 10, 2007 at 11:10 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, video)

It looks better if you go to the youtube page and click the “small” button.

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Allergy Conference Call

April 19, 2007 at 10:14 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, almond, Blog & Websites, cooking, food, labeling, medical, USA, Websites)

Have a listen.

I could not get into the conference call, but it is a very educational conversation.

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Podcast hiatus

March 16, 2007 at 6:31 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Websites)

For various reasons, the Allergy News, LLC podcast is on haitus and will remain so indefinitely.

I would like, eventually, to start doing the show again, however, if the plans I am currently pursuing are fortuitous, I probably will not have time to do Allergy News anymore.

For the time being, I will continue updating the blog with recalls and links that are submitted to me via email.  Once in awhile I will  probably still drop in an opinion piece of my own re: dealing with food allergies in a school setting.

Make no mistake:  I am still here.  The blog will go on, allergyware.com will go on.

I enjoy the freedom to carry on Allergy News in podcast or even radio form when the timing is right for such a project.  You never know when that timing will roll around again.

Thanks to those who have been listeners.  I will leave the archives up,  or course.

Get in touch.  The toll-free line and my email address will still function.

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another milk allergy alert, and update on Allergy News Podcast

January 31, 2007 at 11:29 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, kids, milk, recalls, Websites)

Allergy News will return, I assure you–right now we are still hammered booking Steve’s weddings for the year.  Being self-employed pulls you different directions, what can I say?  But the show will return.  I did not intend to be on hiatus, but the transition to my being home full-time has been a little more challenging than I thought.  Hang in there, faithful listeners.  We shall return.

In the meantime:

January 31, 2007

United States Bakery is recalling all 12-oz. packages of Betsy Ross
Brand “Chocolate Donuts” and “Old Fashioned Donuts” because the whey listed
on the label does not declare it is a derivative of milk.

The recalled “Old Fashioned Donuts” and “Chocolate Donuts” are sold in
convenience stores in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

The donuts are packaged in red, white, and blue boxes with a package code
prior to and including SELL BY FEB 9 FS. There are 6 donuts per package
with a net weight of 12 ounces. Individual product containers are
identified with UPC#72220-22080 and UPC#72220-22081.

Consumers who have purchased the product may return it to the place of
purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the
company at (206) 322-0931 or (888) 307-2867.

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The latest Allergy News listener contest

December 1, 2006 at 7:38 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Contests)

Just wanted to remind you all that the latest contest is for the visual artists among us, kids and adults alike are encouraged to enter.  There will be one winner and the prize package is the best ever, I must say–worth about $100, thereabouts.

To learn more, please listen to the latest podcast, and feel free to leave comments or send email if you have any questions!  🙂

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Allergy News – Asthma, GMOs, Peanut Allergy, my EYE!

November 18, 2006 at 6:59 pm (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, asthma, Blog & Websites, Contests, Contributors to the Podcast, medical, Products, Science, social issues, Websites)

This episode’s topics:

full_mask_front.jpghalf_mask_stadium.jpgshield_front.jpg  Coming soon to allergyware.com!  BreathXchange masks!

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That is one big prize-winning cabbage!

November 14, 2006 at 7:37 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Photos, Websites)


Originally uploaded by tvoorhisong.

Hooray, I have internet here. I’ll record the podcast ASAP and announce the winner of the goodie giveaway!!!

Stay tuned.

Also, allergyware.com is back up!  Thank you, webhost!  When I get the long-term sponsorship I seek, I will be moving both this blog and my allergy alert gear website to a different server, with no down time…ever.  😛

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A new edition of Allergy News – All the New That Itches, coming soon

November 13, 2006 at 6:20 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Contests)

I had hoped to record the latest edition of Allergy News over the weekend, but it was not to be.  I’ve got literally two dozen emails from y’all this time, so there is no way I can address them all on the show, but I will do my best to hit the highlights.

Mainly, I want to focus on the allergy headlines this week.

Of course, I will also be announcing the winner of the goody bag, as well, so make sure and send in your entries while there’s still a few remaining hours!  I’m not sure if I will record the show tonight, or what–several factors influence whether or not this show will go live over this coming week or next weekend.


EGAD!  I just went to post a link to allergyware.com here, and for some reason the site is down.  😦  If you are having any trouble accessing the site, please send me an email at allergyware@gmail.com and let me know, okay?

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Christmas cards, 2007 calendars

November 6, 2006 at 10:00 am (Allergy News Podcast. Listen free., Allergy News!, Blog & Websites, Contests, Contributors to the Podcast, holiday greetings, social issues)

Reposted to add: these are non-demoninational.  🙂

Recently, I ordered a big stash of cards, calendars, and magnets to send out to my allergy buddies.  The only problem is, I don’t have your addresses!

If you’d like to get a greeting in the mail from me this year, please email me your address to:


If you purchased something from allergyware.com (thank you!!!), I don’t have your address or even your email (unless you bought AllergyZone air filters).  cafepress keeps all the info quiet besides name and city.  I suppose I could stalk you through the internet, but save me the trouble and send me your addy, will ya?

Thanks for being out there, thanks for being a friend!

And in case I forgot to mention it, the latest giveaway contest is open to suggestions and tips not just from Halloween, but also from Thanksgiving.  I want to give some stuff away, people, I’ve only had six entries!  C’mon, drop me a line!

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