Coupon codes for gear

February 8, 2007 at 1:39 pm (alert, coupon, gear, kids, Photos, Products, safety, social issues, Websites)

Use these coupons for discounts on your purchases at my cafepress stores:

DES144 = $10 off a $25 purchase (expiration unknown)

CLOUDRADARS = $5 off a $20 purchase (expires 2/10/07)

My allergy alert gear stores offer $5 flat-rate shipping, so no matter how much you buy, you pay $5 for standard delivery.

Thanks so much for your business.  I’m sorry that we’re dealing with food allergies, but I’m glad that we can do it together.

Have a reaction-free week, and I will keep looking for time in the near future to record a new episode of Allergy News!


eggallergytop.jpgPeanut Allergy Awareness (in Pink)donotfeedanimal.jpg



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